Dear Myriam,
thank you for preparing our trip so expertly. Everything was very fine and we were extremely happy with our guide Yacki.
His politeness, flexibility , knowledge and dedication was extraordinarily, he was an asset to this trip ! The Ohalo manor was nice, the rooms large but quite simple, the location was good and the food in selection and quality VERY good.  The Jerusalem Inn was also very nice, the rooms clean and refurbished, the reception area and breakfast room in modern desing and very pleasant. The breakfast good in selection and quality. The location superb! The only problem was the noise all around the hotel.  On Yom Kippur and on Sunday it was heavenly quiet. But underneath the hotel is a club/cafe where many youths gather and talk until late into the night (1 a.m.) Even with closed windows their murmur of voices was still loud. We did not discuss this with Yacki or the hotel staff, my clients took it with humour and this is not meant to be a complaint, just that you know about it. 
Thank you again for everything and I hope there will soon be another group I will be able to send/or even accompany to Israel!
Kind regards,  Romedia Keller,  Individualreisen & Consulting